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Ricoh Thailand - Green Safety Month in June 2019

To celebrate Ricoh Global SDGs Action, a series of activities were organized by RTH to raise the environmental awareness among Ricoh employees, customers and community.

Some of the activities include:

  • Canal Clean up with green partners from government and school sectors. The turnout rate of this event is close to 100 people.

  • Organisation pledges outreach to customers, waste suppliers, government units and teachers. Close to 400 stakeholders supported the campaign and received the wheat tumblers as the token of appreciation.

  • Awareness quizzes and individual pledges outreach took place within RTH to improve the staff on environmental management topics such as energy conservation, circular economy concept, pollution protection, SDGs and health and safety at work place.

  • Tree planting at Eco Eyes Village Nakornnayok Thailand. 150 green volunteers from RTH joined this biodiversity conservation activity and planted 450 trees and grew mushrooms in the basket for the children around the community.

  • RTH distribute 700 trees to the government unit at Department of Forest and local staff to expand their green area at office compound and at gardening home.

  • On 6 June, RTH organised Green Mind & Green Fashion to commemorate the World Environment Day. All staff is encourage to wear green on that day.

RTH - Green Safety Month

To celebrate Global Ricoh Eco Action, a series of activities were organized by RTH to raise environmental awareness among Ricoh employees, customers and community. All participants receive token of appreciation after making the eco pledges on Regional Global Eco Action website.

Awareness quiz focusing on environment, safety, Ricoh quality house, Internal audit, complaint and process improvement.

Green fashion leader Competition

Promote the Regional Global Eco Action website to 29 MA customers, 16 Eco Schools and students as well as Ricoh staff

On May 31, 2018, a video conferencing with UNEP representative at RTH office was conducted during RA Eco Action Day Roundtable event via UCS device. RTH MD, Mr. Julian Fryette also met up with the guest and spoke to him on Ricoh’s sustainability management and RTH’s unique Eco School project.

150 volunteers from RTH also participated in the biodiversity conservation activity on 16 June. The activity consist of:

- To create fish traps from plastic rope for supporting fish living and recovery the natural resources in the ocean.

- To create shell house for expanding quantity of shell in the sea.

- To release many crabs back to the sea.

- To walk around the mangrove forest conservation area and study on plant species and animals and how to conserve the mangrove forest and other natural resources.

Ricoh Thailand - Safety patrol in Ricoh Eco schools

RTH planned to conduct the safety patrol activities for each school four times per year.

The second safety patrol took place on November 27, 2017 where RTH's safety committee coached the school representatives on various method to assess and identify the hazardous area and potential risk in school.

Green Safety Month

Ricoh Thailand organized the green safety and Quality week to raise environmental safety and quality awareness among Ricoh employees and community.

5 key activities have been promoted throughout the month of June.

  • Tree planting activity.

  • Make eco pledge.

  • Environmental related safety quiz.

  • Sharing water saving status on FB.

  • Water bill competition.