About Us

Every June, the Ricoh Group commemorates Ricoh Global SDGs Actions. This is a month-long event which encourages all members of Ricoh Group around the world to think about achieving the SDGs and act with a sense of global unity. Out of the 17 SDGs, the Group focuses on 8 goals in which social issues can be resolved through our business.

In recent years, the Ricoh Group has been organising an event called “Global Eco Action” on 5 June in celebration of the United Nations’ World Environment Day. We seek to accelerate our contributions towards accomplishing the SDGs and motivate all employees in the Group to think and act not only through eco-actions but also by addressing a broader range of social issues.

By leveraging the knowledge that we have accumulated through Global Eco Action events and working together with customers and societies across the globe, we hope to expand our efforts to achieve our ultimate goal of fulfilling the SDGs.